ABERDEEN – People of all ages and races are invited to a meeting Aug. 8 from 12 until 1:30 p.m. at the Aberdeen Park and Recreation Building to discuss community concerns in hopes of building relationships and making progress for the town.

The Aberdeen Stand Up meeting is a continuation of June’s unity march.

“Kim Clarett and I came together and put our ideas together for it. It’s part of the ground work I was talking about after the unity march,” said co-organizer Michelle Stewart. “The concept is bridging gaps in Aberdeen.”

A six-person panel consisting of Willie Logan, Jasmine Wilson, Barbara Ann Rowe, Dr. James Cook, Justin Crosby and Jim Edwards will be part of the discussion about topics such as the school district and community concerns.

“A person my age will have a different insight from someone who’s 60 years old. Everyone can express how they feel without being disrespectful. A lot of things can change just by people sitting down and having a conversation,” Stewart said.

Through the effort, she plans on ultimately having projects in each of the city’s five wards.

“What can we do as people in the community and not necessarily wait for anyone else? We can we do to make the community better? People having these discussions can do projects together,” Stewart said. “It has to start with regular people.”

The Aberdeen Park and Recreation Building is located at the intersection of Commerce and Matubba streets.

The number of people inside will be dictated by whatever statewide coronavirus safety restrictions are in place. People must wear masks, and their temperatures will be checked before entering the building.

The meeting will be streamed live on the Citizens of Aberdeen, Miss. Facebook page, and people watching online can submit questions.

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