Monroe County Children’s Vision Center Executive Director LuEllen Childress explains details of this year’s conference on vision disorders.

AMORY – During its July 16 meeting, the board of aldermen approved for city clerk Jamie Morgan to apply for community grants from the Walmart Foundation’s Community Grant Program to serve the Amory fire and police departments.

The fire department hopes to apply any funds received toward equipping its search and rescue team.

“We have firefighters that are certified for swift water rescue. They need a boat and aquatic gear. We are part of Mississippi Task Force 1, providing highly specialized, all-hazards response to disasters. We had one firefighter deployed to the coast for rescue duty during last week’s tropical storm,” Morgan said.

The police department recently put another K9 officer on duty who has already successfully completed his first mission as part of the special response team. The extra funding applied for will help local officers wage the continuing war on illegal drugs in Amory.

During his time on the agenda, police chief Ronnie Bowen was approved to attend the Rural Chiefs of Police Opioid Workshop later this month in Tennessee. He cited the conference as another tool to help the local police better intercept illegal drug use in the city.

“I hope this will make a difference in the crisis we are facing,” he said.

In other business, LuEllen Childress, executive director of the Monroe County Children’s Vision Center, solicited the city’s advertising participation in the syllabus for this fall’s conference on vision disorders.

“We already have a slate of world leaders in optometry confirmed. The conference is scheduled for September 19,” she said.

The aldermen approved support after a brief consultation with city attorney Sam Griffie.

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