AMORY – Vandals who have already caused damage to the Northeast Mississippi Nature and Interpretive Trail with all terrain vehicles and trucks will find themselves in hot water should they try it again now that the city is looking at different options of how to best prosecute trespassers.

“This past weekend, four-wheelers and vehicles left 8- to 10-inch ruts in the ground. [Amory Park and Rec. Director] Rory Thornton fixed it, but we are putting gates up and infrared game cameras. We've seeded the ground out there, but it has to be able to set up,” said James Cummins of Wildlife Mississippi, who requested that the city pass a no trespassing fine for anyone caught on the property.

Currently, there is an ordinance prohibiting the use of ATVs on city property that could carry a fine of as much as $1,000 or imprisonment for 90 days or both. A trespassing conviction would also include the cost of damages to the land, in addition to the fine.

The 34-acre educational trail, located between Hatley Road and Concord Drive, will feature re-created Indian mounds, educational signage and a barcode to download audio information, among other features when it's finished.

In other business, the board approved:

• A request of resolution recognizing the life of Dick Sanderson. The board plans to present the resolution to the Sanderson family at its Oct. 20 meeting.

• A request to amend the Fiscal Year 2015 general city budget.

• A request to amend the zoning ordinance 1651 section 7.2(H) that deals with off street parking facilities.

An executive session was held at the request of Mayor Brad Blalock for personnel reasons, but no action was taken.

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