Local businessman Robert Tomey presents a donation during halftime of Amory’s homecoming to Rachel Stacy, center, and Sylvia Patterson for the Amory athletics and band programs. Tomey also gave a matching donation to the visiting school, Ripley, on behalf of his daughter, who manages a McDonald’s there.

AMORY – The Amory’s band and athletic programs are sharing in a $10,000 donation by Robert Tomey, who owns the local McDonald’s. He made the presentation during halftime of AHS’ homecoming game Sept. 20.

“We’re big band people. Our daughter, Hunter, lives in Ripley and manages one of our stores there. She challenged me to make a donation to our hometown athletic and band program to match the donation made to Ripley, since she is a graduate of Amory High School. We had some money earmarked for something else that became available,” he said.

Amory School District Athletic Director Chad Williams said the athletics donation will support team travel, and band director Jeff Colburn said how band donation will be spent is yet to be determined.

According to Amory School District Superintendent Ken Byars, the donation has been in the works for a while.

“Mr. Tomey came to me months ago wanting to give a donation to us and Ripley with the theme of volunteerism,” Byars said. “He has spent a lot of time in both communities and has witnessed the importance of volunteering and how volunteers fill in the gaps between mediocrity and success.”

Since Tomey’s youngest child graduated school last year, he said the amount of time physically volunteering would decrease. However, he wanted to give this donation to help the school’s band and athletic programs.

“Volunteerism makes a community. You start small in getting involved with your kids when they are young. It grows [through time]. People that are retiring from volunteer service are finding others to step up,” Tomey said. “Volunteers give time, and boosters give money. Everyone has something to give.”

Byars expressed his appreciation for all the volunteers as well, as the Tomey family, for the donation, which will be evenly divided between the athletic programs and band boosters at both school districts.

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