AMORY – As a preventative measure to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Amory city officials are requesting for people to wear masks while inside public places and businesses.

Via the Amory, Mississippi Facebook page, people working at businesses are also asked to wear masks and abide by state executive orders pertaining to workplaces.

“In turn, we now ask that these businesses ask their customers and patrons to do the same. Of course, we feel as a city that calling upon you to act responsibly on behalf of your friends and family in trying to protect one another is a small request with a possibility of a great return. Should this request be fulfilled, the need for more mandates and orders, considered by many to be overreaching, will not be needed,” the post stated.

City officials made the request based on state health officials’ blanket recommendations to mitigate the spread of the virus.

“Unfortunately, state-mandated restrictions could reemerge unless we all try to do our part. We must continue to understand that we still have an obligation to protect ourselves and our community. As a team, we must continue to work together to prevent the spreading of infectious diseases. This can be accomplished in part by your voluntary use of face coverings and use of safe distance measures,” Amory’s post stated.

People who can’t find a face covering may contact the Amory Pandemic Response Center at 256-2761.

No Monroe County municipality has mandated wearing masks, but the cities of Tupelo, Starkville, West Point and Oxford have.

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