Amory High School Assistant Principal Coty Cox stocks supplies into one of the new emergency backpacks for every classroom that will replace the older, bulkier kits. Senior Laura Yang raised $165 to purchase bags.

AMORY – One of the action items on Amory High School Assistant Principal Coty Cox’s list this year is providing more usable emergency backpacks for teachers at the school. The student who stepped up to the challenge was senior Laura Yang.

Brainstorming for the project was delegated to coach Nathan Kendrick’s college- and career-readiness class, and Yang took it upon herself to raise the money to purchase 45 backpacks.

“I worked at my parents’ store and saved $165 to purchase the new backpacks,” she said. “I had the heart to do it. I hope this will inspire others to help keep Amory High School a safe place to learn. It’s home to me.”

Cox said every teacher has an emergency bag with supplies. He voiced concerns with some of the older bags.

“The old bags are like duffel bags. They’re bulky and heavy.”

Furthermore, the bags are dark blue, and Cox thought the standard emergency color of red would make the bags easier to see at the time needed.

Cox praised Yang for her initiative.

“Anybody could have done it. She did it,” Cox said.

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