AMORY • The majority of Amory voters participating in Tuesday’s referendum for the legal sale, distribution and possession of alcohol decided the town will go wet.

For Proposition 1, which dealt with beer and light wine, the vote was 1,353 for and 808 against.

For Proposition 2, which pertained to alcoholic liquors, the vote was 1,343 for and 849 against.

City clerk Jamie Morgan said the next step is for the aldermen to draft an ordinance and schedule a public hearing. If the ordinance is approved at the hearing, it will go into affect after 30 days.

Members from both groups surrounding the referendum are looking to the future and to finding common ground.

"As we move forward, we need healing days ahead for the City of Amory. We live in a great community filled with fantastic people, no matter how one voted,"  said Meadowood Baptist Church pastor and Better Amory Now chairman Lloyd Sweatt. "One message that has clearly been shared is the love for a city called Amory. That love is in the expressed desire to grow the city of Amory better than it has ever been."

May we deepen our commitment to have hopeful days for the City of Amory. Not wishful thinking kind of hope but a positive and encouraging kind of hope that looks forward to the economic growth that can come from the unique stand from the outcome of the referendum. Hopeful for new businesses and new investments from those who desire to have what Amory has to offer."

Amory Forward member Carla Glasgow said that while views may differ, they are looking forward to working with everyone on the path for economic prosperity.

"We know that the hearts of those fine people who disagree with us also want what is best for our great city, and we look forward to working together with them in the future toward this goal," Glasgow said.

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