U.S. Army and National Guard veteran Anthony Daniels sits at VFW Post No. 4490 in Wren, where he is the new commander. He saved the life of one of his neighbors last week by using skills acquired as a combat medic while serving in the Army.

Last week wasn’t the first time Anthony Daniels kept someone alive through a medical emergency in his neighborhood on Huck Lann Drive. The U.S. Army and National Guard veteran did CPR on his next door neighbor and brought her back to life until MedStat paramedics could arrive on the scene to take her to the hospital.

In March, he kept a visitor at a nearby house alive after he fell down the stairs and before EMTs could arrive.

“I was a combat medic in the Army. A lot of neighbors have called on me,” Daniels said. “A combat medic in the Army is a mix of a surgeon and a paramedic. I was trained to do chest tubes and tracheotomies. In the military, if you get hit, the medic is going to keep you alive.”

After serving in the National Guard, he served in the Army. He sustained a broken neck diving into a swimming pool and a crushed right shoulder in a military training maneuver. A few years after re-enlisting in the National Guard, he was honorably discharged in 2002 because he was undeployable as more and more units were on heightened alert after the Sept. 11 attacks.

He has served during wartime as he’s a Gulf War veteran.

“I earned the Combat Medical Badge while in the Army, and the only way to get it is treating someone through open fire,” Daniels said. “Combat medics in the Army don’t get the credit for what they do. What they do goes from temporary dental work to tracheotomies.”

In addition to being the neighborhood watchdog for medical issues, he is commander of VFW Post #4490 outside of Aberdeen and a former national vice president of Dream Riders Motorcycle Club.

Daniels is a 100 percent disable veteran.

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