ABERDEEN – During its May 3 meeting, the board of supervisors discussed the reoccurring topic of delinquent garbage bills not created by a current property owner.

Bernard Walker and his wife explained their experiences in trying to deal with outstanding balances linked to their address.

He already provided District 3 Supervisor Rubel West with documents to support his claim that he was being billed for a delinquent account from a deceased previous owner at their address. He found out about the matter when he was unable to obtain a license plate.

“The lady at the (county tax collector’s office) said that we had a lien on our property from a garbage bill. I had my name put on a piece of paper from back in 2007 from where Mr. Reed owed a garbage bill,” he said.

Walker claimed the delinquent bill was paid by the deceased owner’s sister when Walker tried to buy the property in 2011. Walker eventually purchased the property in 2015 but still received a garbage bill in excess of $900.

“We’ve been buying tags all along and now we got notified about this,” he said.

Supervisors readily agreed that there is a problem with Three Rivers Planning and Development District’s LexisNexis system, which handles billing for the Monroe County Solid Waste Department.

“Seems like a mistake was made somewhere,” said District 4 Supervisor Fulton Ware.

Board president Joseph Richardson reiterated statements from earlier discussions on the subject by saying the problem is that the computer system goes back to all liens and delinquent accounts and assesses charges to current landowners and tenants of the addresses.

“The process is flawed, and the solution has to come from Jackson,” Richardson said.

West said that the law leaves citizens no room to negotiate.

“He’s been paying his garbage bill before this came up. It’s a mountain growing,” he said of the Walkers’ case.

Moreover, West assured him that the board would support him.

“We’re going to fight it for you,” West said.

In other business, the board approved an order authorizing for Michael Dewayne Loden, Jr. to be sworn in for duty as an agent for the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. The order was on an emergency basis, and entry into contract is between the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and Loden.

“We waited three months for this. We received the agreement on Friday for him to be sworn in on Monday. It will open a lot of doors to bigger things that we were trying to work on for which did either didn’t have the funding or the manpower,” said Monroe County Sheriff Kevin Crook.

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