A few of the Aberdeen Elementary School second-graders hold their Bottle Buddies depicting famous African-Americans as part of a Black History Month project in Amy Bell's class.

ABERDEEN – Aberdeen Elementary School second-graders learned lessons in creativity and history throughout February for a Bottle Buddies project in Amy Bell’s class. Through the exercise, students converted 2-liter and 10-ounce plastic bottles into the likeness of pioneering figures in African-American history.

“I was online looking for ideas and found Bottle Buddies. Kids get an extra grade in reading and they had to research on the iPad,” Bell said. “Last year we did posters and the students had to pick a person and research them using the iPad.”

Students used Styrofoam, yarn, construction paper, jewelry, wiggly eyes and Velcro to depict historical figures such as Barack Obama, Dr. Martin Luther King and Michael Jordan.

“I did Sojourner Truth, who was also known as Isabella Baumfree. She was an African-American abolitionist in women’s rights,” said Taylor Simmons.

Ariana Jones’ Bottle Buddy honored entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker.

“She had dandruff, and her hair came out and she made hair products,” she said.

Parents and grandparents helped with the Bottle Buddies project, which was due Feb. 13. They’ve since been on display in one of the hallways of the school.

“The other grades have been admiring them, and some of the teachers thought the gifted class did them. One of the teachers asked if she could use this project at her church for Sunday school for Black History Month,” Bell said.

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