Amory Street Department employee Joseph Stewart installs one of several new signs posted in the vicinity of Amory’s Frisco Park directing pedestrians to use crosswalks as a safety measure.

AMORY – As a result of action taken by the board of aldermen at its July 2 meeting, signage is being placed near Frisco Park encouraging people to use crosswalks at intersections rather than jaywalking across Main Street.

During the meeting, Ward 3 Alderman Tony Poss brought up the subject out of concern for the safety of families using the splash pad and restroom next to the new pavilion, as well as crossing to the restrooms adjacent to the police station.

“The City of Amory is adamant about the safety of our citizens. Whether our citizens walk, bike, run or just use a crosswalk area around Amory, we feel that pedestrian safety is important. In an effort to draw attention to pedestrian safety, we are adding signs around Amory,” said Amory City Clerk Jamie Morgan.

She said there are now signs on the east side of Main Street across from Frisco Park to ask those using the park to use the designated crosswalk areas at both ends of the block.

“To ensure your safety as a pedestrian, always use the legal route of crossing at crosswalks. These areas are indicated with thick white stripes at each stop sign area. There are also new signs indicating that people cross from the corner of Frisco Park to use the bathrooms located between the Amory Police Department and Amory Fire Department,” Morgan said.

City officials will also place speed bumps with signage in front of and behind City Hall to slow traffic.

“Traffic has a one-way directional flow around City Hall, but we witness people entering from the wrong direction daily. We will be adding directional arrows on the pavement to assist in correcting this error. We ask that drivers help us with pedestrian safety by not pulling across the pedestrian markings at stop signs allowing for space for pedestrians to pass safely,” Morgan said.

During the July 2 board meeting, Amory Fire Chief Zack McGonagill shared his observation that traffic has increased tremendously since the completion of the splash pad. Extra diligence on the part of pedestrians and drivers alike is urged.

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