Richard Hogan of the Monroe County Building and Grounds Department, right, resets a concrete bench behind the Hamilton Community Center. The area was vandalized in late April.

HAMILTON – County crews repaired damage left by vandals last week at the picnic area behind the Hamilton Community Center and saved the county money in the process through do-it-yourself skills.

In late April, a worker from the Monroe County Work Center noticed damage done to concrete tables and benches, and a crew has worked on the repairs a little at a time since then.

“We definitely wanted to get it back by the Fourth of July so people could use it again,” said Richard Hogan of the Monroe County Building and Grounds Department.

He said someone broke a bottle on playground equipment, and broken glass was embedded around it. Three concrete benches had broken corners after being pushed over, and the center posts of two concrete picnic tables were also broken.

“We did a sheriff’s report, but it’s going to be hard to catch who did it,” Hogan said. “It had to be pretty good-size adults that did it.”

Hogan thinks the damage was done the day after the command center following April 13’s tornado moved locations.

Instead of having to pay nearly $700 for repairs, helpers from the work center and the buildings and grounds crew made forms and used 10 bags of Quikrete and special concrete epoxy to make the repairs for a total cost of $121.

“I credit a lot of this to the work center. I don’t think a lot of people realize the work they do,” Hogan said.

Dwight Tate, who oversees the work center, echoed the same thought.

“They got it all back together and did a super good job. These guys do a great job, and a lot of people don’t realize all they do,” he said.

Anyone with any information about the vandalism is asked to call the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at 369-2468.

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