From left, District 4 road foreman Carl Doss, District 4 Supervisor Fulton Ware and Chris Koehn look towards a ditch bank alongside Old Magnolia Highway. The wooden culvert helping the water flow underneath the road was recently replaced with a metal one.

PRAIRIE – A piece of local history could be gone as the Monroe County Road Department recently replaced a wooden culvert underneath Old Magnolia Highway. At the time of removal, county road manager Sonny Clay said it could’ve very well been the last wooden culvert in the county.

“The man who owned all this land was Wilson Craig, who passed away. He remembered it being built when he was a little boy, which would’ve been in the late 1920s,” said Chris Koehn, who drives the stretch of road daily.

Due to a significant sag in the road, most likely caused by trucks hauling soybeans, the wooden culvert was replaced with a metal one.

District 4 Supervisor Fulton Ware said the spot in the road had a dip, but it sunk significantly in a short amount of time.

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