ABERDEEN – You may have funds you didn’t know you were entitled to waiting to be claimed, and clicking on the county’s website is one way to find out.

During July 3’s board of supervisors meeting, county administrator Bob Priscock said he linked the state treasurer office’s unclaimed property report to the county’s website. The link is available on the homepage of www.monroems.com.

“Once you pull it up, you can search it pretty easily. It’s all in alphabetical order by name

Anyone whose name is listed can download the claim form from the county’s website too,” he said.

The state treasurer’s office administers the Unclaimed Property Act, which requires banks, business associations, retail stores, utility companies, insurance companies and credit unions to turn over any abandoned money, stocks, checks or cash to the office so it can try to locate the rightful owners.

Through 4,060 listings for Monroe County, there’s $1.257,547.37 worth of unclaimed funds listed. District 3 Supervisor Chip Chism asked Prisock in a previous meeting to include the list on the county’s website after making a connection at the Mississippi Association of Supervisors convention in Biloxi.

The statewide list is available at www.treasurerlynnfitch.ms.gov under the Unclaimed Property tab.

In other business, the board continued discussion regarding bridges. The Buttahatchie River bridge on Bartahatchie Road reopened last week following repairs stemming from a federal bridge inspection last November. The bridge was closed last month due to the findings.

There has been no response from the Mississippi Office of State Aid Road Construction on the matter, according to the meeting’s discussion.

“It’s disregarding the people all together. Those folks in Bartahatchie had to go all the way around. It’s aggravating,” said county road manager Sonny Clay.

“If there’d been an emergency, look at how far the ambulance would’ve had to go out of the way,” Chism said.

In a separate matter, county engineer Kyle Strong was confident advertising for the new Coontail bridge was to start July 3. He said if several contractors participate, the bids will be more competitive.

Board attorney David Houston said a transaction with Weyerhaeuser to acquire additional land at the Monroe County Landfill is expected to close July 17. The total acreage is 68.28 acres.

“It’s actually a little more acreage than we initially thought we were going to get, which is good. It gives us a little more expansive space at the landfill,” Houston said.

He also completed the deed for two pieces of property at the Prairie Industrial Site formerly occupied by Mirex Formulation Plant, which dealt with fire ant control. The 6.7 acres of land will be shared jointly with the City of Aberdeen.

Houston also said the hearing regarding the county’s litigation with Monroe Gas is scheduled for December.

In speaking about reimbursement for debris pickup, Clay thinks it could be 60 to 90 days before the county gets its first reimbursement. For services so far, the monitoring company, Debris Tech, has sent a $52,000 bill. The company picking up debris has not sent a bill yet.

The county must pay 12.5 percent of the cost associated with debris pickup and monitoring, with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency picking up 12.5 and the Federal Emergency Management Agency covering 75 percent of the cost.

County officials will meet this week with the MEMA representative who is handing the electronic filing for the FEMA with the cleanup.

Prisock reported on correspondence with an official at Mississippi State University regarding the need for improved internet service at the Monroe County Extension Service, a topic carried over from July 1’s meeting. He learned the county, not MSU, pays for internet service, and by changing providers, it will be a cost-saver of $120 per month with better service.

The board approved for Chism to make a $500 donation from his rural recreation fund to the Bartahatchie RCDC and for District 4 Supervisor Fulton Ware to donate $500 from his rural rec. fund to the Aberdeen Housing Authority for its student stipend program.

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