While some county office seats were determined by Monroe County voters during the Aug. 6 primaries, other outcomes will be known either through the Aug. 27 runoff or in November after the general election.

For this year’s high-profile sheriff’s race, the top vote-getter on the Democrat ticket was Kevin Crook, with 50.82 percent, or 4,447 votes. Incumbent Cecil Cantrell received 3,518 votes, or 40.21 percent percent. The third candidate in the race, Kennedy Meaders, received 782 votes, or 8.94 percent.

Crook will face Republican candidate Andy Hood in November.

Since the three candidates for the District 1 supervisor seat, incumbent Joseph Richardson (D), Cody Hutson (R) and Tim Johnson (I) ran either in different parties or independent, that race will be decided in November.

For District 2, longtime supervisor Billy Kirkpatrick announced in December he would not seek re-election this term, prompting nine candidates to qualify for the race.

For the Democrat ticket, B.R. Richey and Bobby Camp, Jr. were the top two voter-getters. Richey had 545 votes, or 31.98 percent, compared to Camp’s 300 votes, or 17.61 percent.

For the other candidates results, Eddie Wilemon received 199 votes, or 11.68 percent; Greg Roberts received 102 votes, or 5.99 percent; Dudley Cantrell received 127 votes, or 7.45 percent; Stephen M. “Coon” Ballard received 218 votes, or 12.79 percent; Jimmie D. Fowlkes, Sr. received 158 votes, or 9.27 percent; and David Tubb received 55 votes, or 3.23 percent.

The winner of Aug. 27’s runoff will face Independent candidate Randy Minor in November.

District 3’s supervisor race had eight candidates. On the Democrat ticket, incumbent Chip Chism and Wayne Faulkner will advance to the party’s runoff. Chism had 683 votes, or 47.7 percent, and Faulkner had 469 votes, or 32.75 percent.

Jeff Doty, who also ran Democrat received 264 votes, or 18.44 percent.

For District 3’s Republican primary, Brian Atkins received 422 votes, or 49.36 percent, compared to Carol Crawford’s 212 votes, or 24.8 percent. The two will advance to the party’s runoff Aug. 27.

Other Republicans running for the District 3 Supervisor seat were Jim Northington, who received 173 votes, or 20.23 percent, and Mark Linley, who received 38 votes, or 4.44 percent.

The winners of the Democrat and Republican primaries will face each other, along with Independent candidate Rubel D. West in the November general election.

For the District 4 Supervisor race, incumbent Fulton Ware received 1,262 votes, or 68.81 percent, compared to Robert “Bob” Scott’s 558 votes, or 30.43 percent.

Ware will face Independent candidate Robert “Ben” Howell in the November election.

For the District 5 Supervisor race, incumbent Hosea Bogan received 1,184 votes, or 71.28 percent, compared to Robert Tomey’s 474 votes, or 28.54 percent.

Bogan will face Jason Sullivan (I) in the general election.

For the Monroe County Coroner’s race, incumbent Alan Gurley (D) won with 7,226 votes, or 86.34 percent, compared to fellow Democrat Charles “C.W.” Smith’s 1,139 votes, or 13.61 percent.

For the county attorney race, incumbent Candace Cooper Blalock had 5,471 votes, or 66.4 percent, compared to Diana Worthy’s 2,765 votes, or 33.56 percent, making Blalock the winner.

Both the coroner’s race and the county attorney’s race were decided by the Democrat primaries.

Longtime Monroe County Tax Collector Pat Birkholz is retiring at the end of this term, and three candidates qualified for his seat. For the Democrat primary, Jason Hood received 4,086 votes, or 52.51 percent, compared to Karen Crump’s 3,670 votes, or 47.17 percent.

Hood will face Independent candidate Alysia Wright in November.

For the District 1 Justice Court Judge seat, Tim Oswalt had 1,597 votes, or 62.6 percent, compared to Nancy H. Bishop’s 941 votes, or 36.89 percent, on the Democrat ballot.

On the Republican ballot, Joe Benton had 543 votes, or 59.6 percent, compared to Waylon Powell’s 315 votes, or 34.58 percent, and Juanell Hopper’s 40 votes or 4.39 percent.

Oswalt and Benton will advance to face Sarah Stevens (I) in November.

For the District 2 Justice Court Judge seat, incumbent Robert Earl Fowlkes had 1,070 votes, or 39.48 percent, compared to Brandon Davis’ (D) 1,631 votes, or 60.18 percent, making Davis the winner of the seat.

The District 3 Justice Court Judge seat also only had two Democrat candidates, and incumbent Adrian McIntosh Haynes won with 1,899 votes, or 63.17 percent. Her opponent, Roderick Van Daniel, had 1,099 votes, or 36.56 percent.

The District 1 Constable race will be decided in November between Democrat Patrick Chism, who is the incumbent, and Independent Donnie Sloan.

For the District 3 Constable race, incumbent Herbert Harris won with 1,910 votes, or 63.16 percent, compared to A.J. Johnson’s 607 votes, or 20.07 percent, and Darrin Foster’s 503 votes, or 16.63 percent.

Incumbents running unopposed include circuit clerk Dana Sloan, chancery clerk Ronnie Boozer, tax assessor Mitzi Presley, District 2 Constable Ron West and county surveyor Keith Ashley Eaton.

There are 80 Democrat affidavit ballots that will be counted Wednesday afternoon. 

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