One of the flood mitigation projects underway in Amory is at the intersection of Bankhead Avenue and Boulevard Drive. The vicinity is heavily traveled and was again impacted by flooding in January.

AMORY – During Feb. 4’s board of aldermen meeting, Mayor Brad Blalock polled various department heads about progress on projects under their direction.

Public works director Glenn Smith reported on work underway to mitigate flooding issues in Amory, even as rain continued to fall during the week.

“Crews are working as weather permits. We’re working on upgrades to the culverts along Bankhead Street at the intersection with Boulevard Drive and working in other locations as we can,” Smith said.

Fire chief Zack McGonagill said the new fitness center at the Jimmy Bost Training Center alongside Waterway Drive is expected to open by the end of the month.

“They’re completing interior finish work at this time. Fitness equipment that was ordered will be arriving shortly,” he said.

The project was funded in part by a Healthy Heroes grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation secured by Amory City Clerk Jamie Morgan.

Ward 2 Alderman John Darden invited all to come to St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church Family Center Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. for a planning meeting to put together policy for equitable response to citizen complaints of alleged civil rights violations.

The meeting will include citizen input, law enforcement input on handling complaints and exploring the prospect of assembling a citizen review board.

Ward 3 Alderman Tony Poss reported that a private donor had approached him expressing interest in replacing Trent Harmon tribute signs with new signs bearing updated information.

Alderman-at-large Joe McGonagill suggested that names of Amory stars such as Mitch Moreland be included when the signs are redesigned.

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