By Adam Armour/Itawamba County Times

Itawamba authorities say they plan to bring charges against a Nettleton man involved in last week’s one-car accident that killed a teenage girl.

According to Jason Dickinson with the Itawamba County Sheriff’s Department, Timothy Dwight Phillips, 19, will be charged with the April 7 DUI death of 17-year-old Alexis Haywood of Aberdeen. Phillips is currently at home recovering from injuries sustained during the accident, including head trauma and a broken pelvis.

Dickinson said an investigation of the accident scene, including a reconstruction of the events leading up to the accident, plus a toxicology report that showed Phillips was impaired at the time of the accident, resulted in enough evidence to charge Phillips with Haywood’s death.

Phillips will remain at home until his injuries have healed somewhat.

“Right now, he’s injured. Once he can get where he can stay in jail, he will be arrested. We have to wait and let him heal back,” Dickinson said.

Phillips was the driver of a 1998 Chevrolet sedan that ran off the road and crashed into a tree on New Chapel Road, near Highway 371, at approximately 6 p.m. The accident killed Haywood, who was a passenger, immediately. Phillips was initially taken to North Mississippi Medical Center for treatment of his injuries.

Officials have not released the specifics of the toxicology report, nor the exact charges Phillips will face.

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