Monroe County Circuit Clerk’s Office employees NaToya Eddie, left, and Aleetha Bingham check off which precinct boxes had arrived last Tuesday night for the county’s election.

A little more than 50 percent of Monroe County’s registered voters cast ballots Nov. 5 for the general election. It featured not only state races but also a number of county races undecided during August’s Republican and Democratic primaries.

In a very close tax collector’s race, Alysia Wright defeated Jason Hood. Wright had 5,884 votes, or 50.38 percent, compared to Hood’s 5,786 votes, or 49.54 percent.

An even closer race was for District 3 Supervisor as Rubel D. West had a 14-vote edge over Brian Atkins. West received 1,071 votes, or 40.51 percent, compared to Atkins’ 1,057 votes, or 39.98 percent. The third candidate in the race, Wayne Faulkner, had 515 votes, or 19.48 percent.

District 2 will have also have a new supervisor for the upcoming term following longtime supervisor Billy Kirkpatrick’s decision to retire after the current term. In the election, B.R. Richey received 1,392 votes, or 66.57 percent, compared to Randy Minor’s 696 votes, or 33.29 percent.

In yet another close race, Sarah Cline Stevens won the District 1 Justice Court Judge race by 76 votes. She received 1,507 votes, or 38.14 percent, Tim Oswalt received 1,431 votes, or 36.22 percent, and Joe Benton received 1,013 votes, or 25.64 percent.

Three incumbent supervisors will keep their seats for the next term. District 1 Supervisor Joseph Richardson received 1,255 votes, or 47.59 percent, to Cody Hutson’s 847 votes, or 32.12 percent, and Tim C. Johnson’s 535 votes, or 20.29 percent.

District 4 Supervisor Fulton Ware defeated Robert “Ben” Howell. Ware received 1,430 votes, or 61.51 percent, to Howell’s 894 votes, or 38.45 percent. District 5 Supervisor Hosea Bogan received 1,391 votes, or 60.45 percent, compared to Jason Sullivan’s 910 votes, or 39.55 percent.

In the District 1 Constable race, Patrick Chism defeated Donnie Sloan. Chism received 2,105 votes, or 55.54 percent, compared to Sloan’s 1,681 votes, or 44.35 percent.

Those who ran unopposed on the general election ballot were Monroe County Chancery Clerk Ronnie Boozer, Monroe County Circuit Clerk Dana Sloan, Monroe County Coroner Alan Gurley, Monroe County Attorney Candace Cooper Blalock, Monroe County Surveyor Keith Ashley Eaton, Monroe County Sheriff Kevin Crook, Monroe County Tax Assessor Mitzi Faulkner Presley, District 2 Justice Court Judge Brandon Davis, District 3 Justice Court Judge Adrian McIntosh Haynes, District 2 Constable Ron West and District 3 Constable Herbert Harris.

Out of 19 county races, seven winners ran on the Independent ticket.

For local results in contested Mississippi Legislature races for Monroe County, District 17 Sen. Charles A. “Chuck” Younger received 1,797 votes, or 82.58 percent, compared to DeWanna Belton’s 318 votes, or 14.61 percent, and Danny Bedwell’s 61 votes, or 2.8 percent. Younger won in Lowndes County as well.

On the Mississippi House of Representatives side, Rickey W. Thompson defeated longtime District 16 Rep. Steve Holland. In Monroe County, Thompson had 55 votes, or 75.34 percent, compared to Holland’s 18 votes, or 24.66 percent. Thompson also won in Lee County.

District 36 Rep. Karl Gibbs defeated Jessica Lofton Lewis. Gibbs received 2,638 votes, or 80.06 percent, and Lewis received 651 votes, or 19.76 percent. He carried the race in Clay County too.

District 7 Sen. Hob Bryan, District 20 Rep. Chris Brown and District 39 Rep. Dana U. McClean were unopposed on last week’s ballot.

Like the majority of voters in Mississippi, the majority of Monroe County voters favored Republican candidates in the state races.

For Monroe County alone, Tate Reeves had the majority of votes in the governor’s race. He received 7,054 votes, or 57.28 percent, to Jim Hood’s 5,149 votes, or 41.81 percent. Also in the race, Bob Hickingbottom had 29 votes, or .24 percent, and David R. Singletary had 73 votes, or .59 percent.

In the lieutenant governor’s race, Monroe County voters favored Delbert Hosemann, who received 7,972 votes, or 65.74 percent, to Jay Hughes’ 4,148 votes, or 34.21 percent.

Michael Watson pulled 7,686 votes, or 64.07 percent, to Johnny DuPree’s 4,303 votes, or 35.87 percent, for the secretary of state race.

For attorney general, Lynn Fitch received 7,660 votes, or 62.86 percent, compared to Jennifer R. Collins’ 4,521 votes, or 37.10 percent. For state treasurer, David McRae had 7,939 votes, or 65.75 percent, compared to Addie Lee Green’s 4,133 votes, or 34.23 percent.

State auditor Shad White and District Attorney John Weddle were unopposed on the ballot.

For the commissioner of agriculture race, the majority of Monroe County voters went for Andy Gipson, who received 7,489 votes, or 62.39 percent, to Rickey L. Cole’s 4,511 votes, or 37.58 percent.

For the commissioner of insurance, Mike Chaney garnered 8,000 votes, or 66.12 percent, compared to Robert E. Amos’ 4,097 votes, or 33.86 percent.

For Mississippi Northern District Transportation Commissioner, John Caldwell had 7,770 votes, or 64.58 percent, locally compared to Joe T. “Joey” Grist’s 4,260 votes, or 35.41 percent.

Mississippi Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley was unopposed on the ballot.

Winners in the county election will be sworn in to office in Jan. 3 to begin the next four-year term.

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