AMORY – A Facebook-centered quarrel involving a former Aberdeen alderman; his wife and two acquaintances; and an online critic spilled over into Monroe County Justice Court April 20.

Viki Mason of Aberdeen filed a complaint last month against former Ward 1 Alderman Nicholas Holliday, who lost in a special election for the seat the same day. She also filed complaints against his wife, Marissa; Perry McAllister; and Fred Young, all of Aberdeen. In turn, McAllister filed a complaint against Mason.

Nicholas and Mason both filed conspiracy to commit a crime charges against each other, while the other complaints dealt with stalking.

A probable cause hearing ended with no further warrants issued for several legal complaints, and another trial resulted in two people involved being found not guilty of stalking charges.

The tensions sweltered from online comments Mason has continually posted following Nicholas’ election to the seat last July. For years, she has written her commentary on local politics both online and through the Aberdeen Examiner, with her personal Facebook page being the latest avenue.

“Mr. Holliday, you’re just like I am. We’re elected officials. If you don’t want someone to know there’s pickles on your cheeseburger, you better move south. We can’t hold ourselves higher than someone buying a Coke at the store but with some people, they hold you higher,” said Monroe County Justice Court Judge Brandon Davis. “You’re going to catch a lot more heat for Nick Holliday the alderman than Nick Holliday from Aberdeen.”

Mason said voicing her commentary about political figures is within her rights.

“I’ve seen the text going back and forth and I commend you for holding our feet to the fire. I know with that line of work, there’s going to be some recourse,” Davis told her.

Marissa was charged with stalking in March and in turn, she filed a complaint against Mason, who was also charged with stalking, which led to last week’s trial.

Mason’s complaint stems from a March 12 incident in which she gave testimony stating Marissa showed up in front of her home and voiced heated complaints about Facebook posts about Nicholas.

“Mrs. Holliday said she came to shut me up because I kept putting her husband’s name in my mouth. She said if I wasn’t afraid of Fred Young, I should be afraid of her,” Mason said.

Marissa testified Mason has stalked her family since July 2020, which ultimately led to March’s encounter.

“I had a conversation that turned into an argument. She was trying to provoke me,” said Marissa, adding Mason has made false claims online and she wants her to leave her and her family alone.

Davis found both Mason and Marissa not guilty on the stalking charges.

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