NETTLETON – Broken Lives Ministry commemorated the five-year anniversary of its beginning in its original location in Skyline while showing its impact to date through its home in Nettleton through a Sept. 7 grand opening. The faith-based recovery program offers a residence to males recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

It eventually outgrew its Skyline location and is now centered in the former National Guard Armory alongside Will Robbins Highway. Broken Lives Ministry has served hundreds of men in its five years.

“Nettleton is very fortunate to have two of the greatest things, and that’s Broken Lives Ministry and God’s House of Hope,” said Sgt. Joe Hester of the town’s two recovery facilities. “The people of Nettleton should get on their knees every night and thank the Lord.”

Hester spoke about the building’s history. It was constructed in the early 1980s and began being used by the military in 1983.

Keynote speaker Dr. Chester Harrison of the Prentiss County Baptist Association mixed faith with his military background in the Vietnam War.

“You guys are thanking Uncle Sam for building this building. I am thanking Uncle Sam for giving me all the prayer withal that the disciplines that come with being a soldier,” he said. “God has opened doors for me to go on a lot of missions other than just Vietnam. I’ve been in 12 Muslim countries undercover, smuggling Bibles and teaching Christian believers.

Through Broken Lives Ministries’ average four- to six-month program, participants complete courses on topics such as the Old and New Testament, parenting and anger management, in addition to devotionals and service projects.

The program can last for as long as eight months, and it includes a transitional component.

“We thank the Lord Jesus. When we started it, it was agreed that Jesus would be the center in the curriculum, the administration, the finances. Everything is handled with such integrity and honor,” said Bro. Gary Dawson, who partners with Bro. Shane Scribner to run the ministry.

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