Members of Auxiliary Unit 26 put out approximately 775 flags in memory and in honor of veterans in front of American Legion Post 26 leading up to Veterans Day last year. This year's goal is 1,000 flags. 

ABERDEEN – At the beginning of November, members of American Legion Auxiliary 26 will put small American flags out in front of the post for its Plant a Flag for Veterans tribute. This year, organizers are trying to attain a goal set by their former president, the late Tricia Darty.

Darty passed away Sept. 5 at age 63. She was sworn in to her last term as president in August.

“Our president’s dying wish – the last time she got to talk to me – was that she wanted 1,000 flags. That’s what I’m going for to try and honor her,” said Ann Johnson, Auxiliary Unit 26 sergeant-at-arms. “I just want to honor her wish and get 1,000 flags out there to show how much we really care about our veterans.”

The flags are $1 a piece. American Legion Post 26 is located alongside Highway 145 N.

There’s no ceremony with the field of flags, but they accentuate Veterans Day. Last year, the flags were on display in front of American Legion Post 26 until the beginning of December.

Auxiliary Unit 26 is also participating in Wreaths Across America, and people may sponsor wreaths for $15. They’ll be placed on veterans’ graves at Corinth National Cemetery Dec. 18.

“It will be the same day and same time as they’re doing it in Arlington [National Cemetery],” Johnson said of the national Wreaths Across America effort.

The auxiliary unit is also selling chances on a gift basket with food items, pillows, a pocket knife, home goods and cleaning supplies.

It will be given away during the Veterans Day breakfast at American Legion Post 26, and proceeds will benefit Christmas Cheer.

“Christmas Cheer is a project our state does. The money is taken in and divided between seven VA nursing homes. Each veteran there gets a little portion of that,” Johnson said.

Anyone interested in participating in the Plant a Flag for Veterans tribute, Wreaths Across America or the gift basket may contact Johnson at 640-5956. She invites any veterans to join the American Legion.

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