Gilmore Memorial making major renovations

ALICE ORTIZ/BUY PHOTOS AT MONROECOUNTYJOURNAL.COMMike Adams shows the portability of the new bedside monitors, which are networked and able to transfer the patient through different departments.

AMORY – Gilmore Memorial Regional   Medical Center is continually adding new equipment and upgrading its facility to proactively serve and improve patient care for the community. Some of the improvements include new heating and cooling systems for critical locations throughout the hospital for the comfort in these areas. New roofing projects these past few months also helps in maintaining this controlled environment.

“This quarter, we have added 26 new hospital beds, including critical care and birthing beds,” said Mike Adams, bio-medical supervisor and interim facilities manager. “I have been here for more than 20 years, and I am very excited about what is happening at Gilmore Memorial.”

Several new cardiac monitoring systems have also been installed throughout the hospital, along with bedside monitors networked and designed to be able to transfer the patient throughout different departments in a seamless continuum of care.

A telemetry system, which is a wireless communication network that allows the patient more mobility without losing monitoring capabilities of their heart rate and other vital signs, is also a new addition.

Continued improvements have been made in obstetrics with new fetal monitoring software. New infant warmers were also added to ensure the best care is provided. The surgery department has also upgraded its anesthesia machines to a more advanced system to keep with the current technology.

Other upcoming improvements include a new 64-slice CT scanner for radiology and a new highly-efficient sterilizer in surgery. Many upgrades behind the scene will include cosmetic and lighting upgrades, security system and fitness center improvements.

“Some of these upgrades and renovations will be an ongoing process,” Adams said.

The total costs for the major capital renovations are more than $2 million, while other capital improvements are more than $932,000.

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