Brian Jernigan assumed duties on July 1 as the Monroe County School District's superintendent. He is the district's first appointed superintendent, returning after serving as superintendent for a couple of years for the Nettleton School District.

For the 2019-2020 school year, Brian Jernigan has returned to the Monroe County School District as superintendent, succeeding Scott Cantrell, who retired this summer.

Jernigan served as the Monroe County School District’s assistant superintendent for nearly 10 years before becoming superintendent at Nettleton School District in 2017. Under his leadership, Nettleton achieved the first B rating it has earned in several years.

The veteran educator modestly views the job ahead.

“It’s going to be as before. Year one is a year of discovery, evaluating what’s good and what needs work,” he said.

Jernigan emphasizes a team approach to address challenges. His goals for the district include operating under a stable budget and facilities that are neat, orderly and safe while providing a well-rounded education to insure success for every student.

“I enjoyed my time at Nettleton, but I’m excited to be back home,” he said.

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