Free childcare is available during the pandemic for all of these front-line workers, and people may apply at

As of Aug. 1, all the jobs listed below are now included.

In response to COVID-19, the following employment conditions are required for an emergency 90-day certificate under the emergency population: Public safety and first responders; Law enforcement; Fire prevention and response; Emergency medical technicians (EMTs); 911 call center personnel; Nurses, technicians, receptionists, food service employees and sanitation service employees working in hospitals, clinics and medical offices providing health treatment; Research and laboratory operations; Nursing homes; Residential health care facilities; Congregate care facilities; Assisted living facilities; Elder care; Medical wholesale and distribution; Home health workers and aides; Medical supply and equipment manufacturers and providers; Medical waste disposal; Hazardous waste disposal; Repair technicians providing in-home repair services; Social workers and mental health workers providing in-person services; Other ancillary healthcare services on a case by case basis employees with regular direct customer contact in the following job roles – Teaching, food preparation, sanitation and reception staff within child care facilities and schools; Cashiers, servers, meal delivery drivers and bartenders within food service locations; Cashiers and those responsible for bagging, filling and delivering customer orders within grocery stores; Cashiers in retail stores, i.e. department stores, dollar stores, drug stores and gas stations; Sanitation workers; Bank tellers and public service clerks (DMV, Department of Health, tax assessor, court clerks, county clerks); Staff in hair, nail, tanning salons, spas and fitness clubs; Staff in veterinary offices; Health and city inspectors conducting on-site inspections; and Staff in hotels and motels.

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Check with your childcare provider or with the MDHS for a provider near you. Providers can complete the CCAIR Training by clicking on the COVID-19 Updates section at

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