With the school year beginning the first week of August for Monroe County students, parents and educators can take advantage of Mississippi Tax-Free Weekend July 26 and 27 for not just clothing, as with years past, but also school supplies.

In addition to clothing and accessories, notebooks and binders, art supplies, backpacks and even textbooks are now on a list of school supplies eligible to be tax-free.

The Mississippi Legislature made an amendment to the law originally passed during the 2009 Mississippi Legislative Session to include school supplies. The law states sales tax is not due during the holiday period on the sale of articles of clothing, footwear or school supplies if the sales price of a single item is less than $100.

A sales tax holiday is a temporary period when sales taxes are not collected or paid on purchases of specific products and/or services. If an item is priced at $100 or more, it’s subject to sales tax at the regular retail tax rate.

The sales tax holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. Friday and ends at midnight Saturday, for those who may do their shopping early or late.

Jewelry, sports equipment, cosmetics and handbags are not eligible for the sales tax exemption.

All the details pertaining to eligible and non-eligible clothing items may be accessed through the Mississippi Department of Revenue’s website, www.dor.ms.gov, by searching Mississippi Tax-Free Weekend.

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