AMORY – Some people have attics, barns and basements with trinkets collecting dust. Some people have trinkets they keep polished as conversation pieces to illustrate the stories they do know about them.

Amory Regional Museum will host Mississippi State University archeologists Dr. Shane Miller and Derek Anderson Oct. 10 to help people learn a little more about those trinkets.

"I've had people bring me things all the time asking what something is worth, and it's out of my realm," said Amory Regional Museum Director Bo Miller. "They'll give more information about it and what it's possibly worth. They'll be looking for more archeological items rather than antiques."

Visitors are encouraged to bring items such as stone tools, ceramics, bone, historic artifacts and anything of the such. The local ID session is part of activities scheduled statewide for Mississippi Archaeology Month.

People are encouraged to bring items from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

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