NETTLETON – During its Jan. 4 meeting, the board of aldermen approved the first step in the process of acquiring a new fire truck for the Nettleton Police Department.

Aldermen approved the city’s intent to purchase a new fire truck, and Nettleton Fire Chief Michael Moody will make an application to Lee County for assistance through the Rural Fire Truck Acquisition Assistance Program (RIFTAAP).

According to city clerk Dana Burcham, it’s a two- to three-year process in acquiring a new fire truck. Nettleton’s fire rating is currently a 7, and a new fire truck is needed to keep up the rating.

The Nettleton Fire Department’s last truck was purchased in 2010 with RIFTAAP funds through Lee County.

In other business, aldermen approved for an abandoned property alongside Young Avenue to be boarded up after the owner is notified and for an address alongside Buchanan Road to be rezoned to commercial.

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