NETTLETON – During its Aug. 3 meeting, the board of aldermen approved to rename the city’s public works building to pay tribute to the late Ronnie Garner, a city employee who lost his life July 23.

Garner, who lived in Wren, was 57. He worked in the public works department for 18 years and was serving as its assistant director at the time of his passing.

“Anything you asked him to do, he’d do it and never complained about it. He just did his job,” said city clerk Dana Burcham.

In other business, aldermen approved for Cook Coggin Engineers to submit a loan application to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for replacement of water lines and for Mayor Mem Riley to execute the agreement.

The city has been working toward replacement of water lines installed in 1935 since late last year. Whereas the city was originally seeking a grant to replace the lines, the opportunity is no longer available, which prompted the interest to pursue a loan.

The city intends to replace 3,000 feet of eight-inch pipe and 13,300 feet of six-inch pipe as part of the project. The loan would not include an expansion across the Highway 45 bypass as originally planned.

Burcham said the city plans to begin a flushing schedule of water lines to improve service. Mississippi Rural Water will assess the situation, and no schedule for flushing the lines has been determined yet.

Aldermen approved to appeal a decision from the Nettleton Planning Committee allowing mobile home to be placed in a different direction at an address alongside Youbet Street.

Because the board of aldermen meets the first Monday of each month, its members approved to change their next meeting date to Sept. 3 since Labor Day is a conflict with the original date. As part of the meeting, there will be a public hearing regarding the upcoming fiscal year’s budget and tax levy at 6 p.m.

In other business, aldermen approved for the public works department to mow an address alongside Pecan Street and assess the cost to the property owner.

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