NETTLETON – From Sept. 14 to 18, Nettleton High School students will do strictly distance learning rather than in-person classes due to eight positive COVID-19 cases and reports of close contact with more than 110 individuals. Additionally, high school after-school activities will be suspended for the week.

According to a press release from district superintendent Tim Dickerson, the change is a precaution school officials are taking.

“After careful consideration, the administration decided to begin distance learning for all high school students for at least one week. The school district will make a decision at the end of the week to determine if the high school can return to in-person instruction beginning Sept. 21.

“The Nettleton High School administration and teachers are currently working to ensure instruction continues for its students. Kindergarten through eighth-grade students will carry on with in-person instruction. The high school will be disinfected and sanitized during the week,” Dickerson stated in the press release.

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