Monroe County Deputy A.J. Johnson shows a tourniquet he keeps with him. He recently saved the life of one of his neighbors because of a quick response and use of a tourniquet.

Even though Monroe County deputy A.J. Johnson wasn’t on duty recently when his wife called to say a neighbor had an accident, he was the first responder on the scene to help. After paramedics arrived, they said she could have bled to death had he not used his tourniquet.

“A lady who lives on my road called my wife, she didn’t call 911, and said she had just gotten run over by her car. My wife called me, and we called 911. I beat the ambulance there, and I could see the woman in the ditch and could see the blood,” Johnson said.

He and his wife live alongside County Line Road just outside of Okolona, and he was on the edge of Amory when his wife called him. His first instinct upon arriving at the scene was to grab his tourniquet.

The lady’s driveway is on an incline, and the car wasn’t all the way parked, causing it to roll down and knock her onto the culvert and severely cut her knee. Her instinct was to run after the car, which made its way across the road.

“It doesn’t matter where it is, we’re here to serve. It’s good to know tourniquets save people’s lives,” Johnson said.

North Mississippi Medical Center sent him a new tourniquet after staff there learned about him responding. After MCSO Investigator Brandon Davis shared the story on Facebook, Shannon Moore and Michele Pearson of Walmart donated 24 tourniquets to the sheriff’s office.

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