Paranormal group hosts fundraiser for museum

COURTESY PHOTOMembers of Independent Paranormal Research Team are Michael Gordon, Jermey Thorn, Jeremy Farrar and, not pictured, Mandi Thorn. The group will be leading paranormal investigation tours Oct. 25 and 26 at the Amory Regional Museum.

AMORY – Anyone looking for a true Halloween experience can live vicariously through a paranormal investigation team while helping raise funds for the Amory Regional Museum Oct. 25 and 26.

Amory-based Independent Paranormal Research Team invites participants to wander through the halls worth of Monroe County history collecting potential evidence of spirits.

“It’s not just for thrills. It shows people if something else other than us is out there, there’s an inkling of how to detect it,” said team member Jeremy Thorn.

Independent Paranormal Research Team uses similar equipment to that seen on the popular ghost hunting reality shows, but not so much the same tactics.

“We won’t do things like they do on TV. They do a lot of hyped up stuff for ratings. We’ve had a lot of people ask to go with us and this is a way to get the public involved and bring out the bells and whistles,” said team member Jeremy Farrar.

The guided investigations will begin at 6 p.m. each night and are expected to last approximately three hours to illustrate a full-fledged paranormal investigation.

“People need to go in open-minded. If you do this stuff, it’s like fishing; you want to find something, but you may not. We don’t try to conjure up anything, but if anything is there, we deal with it. When we do find something, we try to find reasonable causes for suspicious activity,” Farrar said.

As far as its background with the Amory Regional Museum, team members have recorded different paranormal readings and heard disembodied voices with enhanced audio equipment and with their own ears.

A limited number of tickets are available at the museum for $10 with 100 percent of proceeds going back to the museum. Anyone not wanting to go on the tour, but wishing to make a donation to the museum can still do so. For more information, check out Independent Paranormal Research Team on Facebook.

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