PBIS store hosts its grand opening

COURTESYMayor Cecil Belle cuts the ribbon at the Positive Behavior Intervention System store at Belle Elementary School.

ABERDEEN – What looks like a  souped up book fair is more of a lesson on fiscal responsibility and an incentive for positive behavior. Belle Elementary School opened its Positive Behavior Intervention System store with a ribbon cutting, and students rushed in to cash in on Bulldog Bucks.

“I guarantee next time it’s open, we’ll see some of these kids pulling out these wallets with Bulldog Bucks,” Belle Explorer class teacher Sheila Westbrook said while pointing out some of the store’s inventory, which included items like books, beach balls, chips and juice.

The school implemented the PBIS program as a rewards-based behavior monitor as opposed to punishments.

“One teacher said the day after we opened that her students were really well-behaved. If you want to see everybody at full attention, you watch when a teacher hands out Bulldog Bucks out in the cafeteria line,” Westbrook said.

Since the beginning of the school year, students have been accumulating Bulldog Bucks when they exhibit positive behavior.

Items at the parent teacher organization-run PBIS store range from $3 erasers to $50 footballs.

“Some of the students said they were going to keep saving because they wanted something a little more expensive like a football,” said BES Principal Tami Doss.

Ultimately, the store will be open once a month.

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