AMORY – Jimmy Ann Ray was unanimously reappointed to another five-year term on the Amory School Board after interviewing for the position during a closed session of the city board meeting Feb. 2.

This will be the second term for Ray who said she is looking forward to serving the district again using the experience she gained in her time there. Ray also stated the school board has made several long-term plans for improvements on the visiting section of the high school football field, a roofing project at West Amory Elementary School and repairs to the softball fields.

Two other new board members have been appointed in the past year, first with Ivan Bryant and, more recently, Chris Erickson.

Residents will have to wait a little longer before getting new trash bins since the county has yet to receive the truck ordered to allow the county to take over residential garbage pick up for the city.

“The bins are here and being housed at the old Amory Garment facility. Unfortunately, we're still waiting on the truck,” said Monroe County Administrator Evan Adams in a later phone conversation.

Adams explained the city garbage trucks are unable to pick up the new county cans, and he believes the manufacturer is trying to keep up with a steady demand for the automated trucks. The new estimated date residents can expect the new bins is March, according to Adams.

Ward 4 Alderman Glen Bingham declined to vote on a request by Amory Police Chief Ronnie Bowen to send an officer to a patrol rifle course in Tupelo at a cost of $595 with an additional $75 range fee. Bowen was not present at the meeting, so the request was made on his behalf by Amory City Clerk Lee Barnett.

When Bingham questioned the purpose of the course, Barnett responded he had no details and was only submitting what was given by Bowen.

“Well, I can't vote on it if I don't know what it is,” Bingham said.

In a later interview, Bowen explained the objective of the course is to certify Officer Steve Hunt in patrol rifle use as mandated by the state.

The request passed but without Binghams' vote.

Bingham also raised a question regarding a canopy, or what is supposed to be the construction of a canopy, on the front of a Vinegar Bend business.

Vinegar Bend business owner Carla Glasgow approached the board last November with concerns that the canopy was obstructing the walkway and also that the project will never be completed.

“There is a canopy being put up on the front of the building owned by Stacy McFerrin, but he never finished repairing the front of the building in the first place. Also, the posts holding up the canopy keep cars from being able to open their doors. Because he has started and stopped projects before, I'm afraid there is no real plan to finish this. My request is for the board to ask him to take it down but, if that's not possible, at least have him remove two of the posts,” Glasgow said during that meeting.

Amory City Building Inspector David Moore stated during the November meeting the city was only responsible for the posts on city property and the building permit issued to McFerrin to complete the project is good for 180 days. The request made by Glasgow to have McFerrin remove two of the posts to allow for more room for car doors was unaccommodated.

McFerrin has until April to complete construction. However, if the work is not completed by the deadline, the city will have to start legal proceedings to have the posts removed, which could be a time-consuming endeavor.

In an executive session, the board approved a request by Amory Fire Chief Zack McGonagill to hire Willie Higgins and John Wax as part-time firefighters.

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