AMORY – A lot cleaning discussion became heated at the regular-called meeting of the board of aldermen on Nov. 3 when resident Mark Allen demanded to know who was complaining about the condition of his house and accused the board of treating him unfairly.

“I have the right to know who my accusers are and if you're gonna tell me what I can and can't do, then you gotta do that for everybody,” said Allen, who maintains that there are several other properties, both commercial and personal, that are in a worse condition than his home on 7th Avenue South.

“Now, I'm not going to tell you who made complaints and I'm not saying that you've got to live in the Taj Majal, but you can mow your yard,” said Ward 4 Alderman Glen Bingham.

The standard the city currently has in place on property maintenance states that if the property constitutes a health hazard or is a nuisance, the property can be adjudicated by the city at the expense of the property owner.

Aldermen appointed Bill Elam to the Historical Preservation Committee, which fills one of five openings available. He will no longer serve on the planning commission.

Mary Jane Westerlund questioned the board regarding the Oct. 14 alcohol referendum ballot box inspection request, as well as an election commission concern.

“Would there have to be more legislature written in order to allow an inspection on a referendum vote? Also, one individual on the election commission appointed by the city should have recused himself or be asked to step aside. This person was handing out ballots and handling the referendum and it shows a certain level of impropriety on behalf of the city to have allowed this," Westerlund said.

City Attorney John Creekmore stated that, yes, there would have to be legislature written that provides for a ballot box inspection on a referendum and that a challenge could be filed based on the issue of the election commissioner.

In other business, Michelle Holman addressed the board about the Junior Auxiliary's plans to put a splash pad in front of the high school where the old pool used to be.

“We are looking at that location right now and just need to know if that is acceptable so we can move forward,” said Holman, who also stated that the JA is still in the early planning stage of the project.

Carlos Ann Sanders of Amory Meals on Wheels updated the board on the need for contributions.

“We served 13,095 meals last year. It takes about 350 people to deliver meals 52 weeks per year, so all of our monies go for food and we greatly appreciate any help we can get,” Sanders said.

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