Checking on senior citizens’ well-being is important, especially through precautions pertaining to coronavirus. A number of law enforcement agencies and groups offer the service and for the duration of the area’s reaction to the pandemic, volunteers centralized to the Amory Regional Museum will call to check on senior citizens daily.

“We’re calling to make sure they’re all right. It’s also a check to see how they’re doing because it can be mentally stressful being in isolation like that. It’s a friendly voice asking how they’re doing,” said Amory Regional Museum Director Wayne Knox. “There are a lot of folks in the nursing homes; we can’t necessarily call them because they don’t have a phone that’s available but we’ve been given a list of people at the nursing homes who can receive a card. Imagine if you’re in a nursing home and your family members can’t be with you. Sending a handwritten note is huge for them. In fighting this pandemic, it’s not just about the initial fight, it’s also about keeping everybody mentally healthy and it’s about morale too.”

The museum is closed to visitors as it has transitioned to Amory’s pandemic response planning center. Knox said services aren’t limited to Amory’s city limits but rather an expanded community throughout Monroe County. Additionally, is a list of needs in the complementing information box to help others during this time.

“We want to do whatever we can for the community at large, not just in the city limits,” he said.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office offers a senior citizens call check-in program, and people can call 369-2468 to register.

“A lot of them like to spend time on the phone, and this may be the only call they get all day,” said Sheriff Kevin Crook.

Whereas the Aberdeen Police Department had a running list of senior citizens it regularly checked on, several of them have since moved, passed away or entered into senior care. Police chief Henry Randle said the service is still available for everyone in need.

“If there’s a need, just give us a call and we’ll come there. In the past, some families have left us a key, but they only want us to use it in case of an emergency like if they’re out of town and they’ve called all day and can’t get in touch with them,” he said. “We’ll know the person’s name and call out to them before we enter.”

To register through the Aberdeen Police Department, call 369-6454.

While the Amory Police Department doesn’t have its own senior citizen call-in system anymore, it refers residents to Contact Helpline that offers the same service. To register, call 328-0200.

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