Voters in Nettleton and Amory Ward 2 voters will participate in races in the April 27 Democratic primary runoffs. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

In Amory, the polling place is the Old National Guard Armory, located at 101 9th St. S.

For Nettleton, Wards 3 and 4 vote at the Old National Guard Armory, located at 116 Johnson St. Wards 1 and 2 vote at First Methodist Church Christian Life Center, located at 160 Verona Ave.

Nettleton’s alderman-at-large runoff is between Herbert Arnold and Sammy John Raper. Raper received 245 votes, or 37 percent, to Arnold’s 217 votes, or 33 percent in the April 6 primaries. The third candidate in the primary, Nathan Moore, received 195 votes, or 30 percent.

The winner between Arnold and Raper will be sworn in as alderman-at-large this summer.

For Amory’s Ward 2 alderman race, Edsel ‘Blade’ Hampton will face Barry Woods Sr. in the runoff.

Woods received 110 votes, or 41 percent, to Hampton’s 90 votes, or 33 percent April 6. Other candidates in the race were John L. Ezell, who received 46 votes, or 17 percent, and James E. Whitfield, who received 21 votes, or eight percent.

“Sometimes there is not a clear winner of the primary. Sometimes, as in this instance, a runoff is necessary between two contestants of the same party to narrow it down to one contestant for the June 8 election,” said Amory City Clerk Jamie Morgan.

Registered and active voters of Ward 2 can vote Democratic for the Ward 2 runoff election April 27 and still vote for any party in the general election in June 8. On the general election, parties are not of consequence.

Morgan gave an explanation about the primary process.

“Primaries are set up to determine who is the best of each party – Democratic and Republican – as voted on by the voters. The winner of the primary will represent the Democratic or Republican party in the general election June 8,” Morgan said.

People who are registered to vote by the deadline of the runoff can vote even if they didn’t vote in the primaries.

“The State of Mississippi does not track whether or not a person is Democratic, Republican, Independent, etc.

If a person is part of a Republican Party and wants to vote, in this instance, for the Ward 2 alderman, he or she may vote as a Democrat. The only ballot there was in the primary and the only ballot there will be for the runoff

primary April 27 will be a Democratic ballot. This is because all of the candidates for office ran as Democrats, according to Morgan.

There was no ballot for Republican candidates for the April 6 Ward 2 Amory primary.

“The only time your party vote matters is if there were multiple options for the primary for your ward. Such as – there were multiple Republican candidates and multiple Democratic candidates for say Ward 2, you would choose a Republican or Democratic ballot for the primary. Then if a runoff was necessary for the primary candidate, the voter would then have to vote with the same party voted in the primary,” Morgan.

She said the general election does not have party rules. All of the candidates are chosen to represent the parties by the time of the general election.

“Independents are just that. They are independent of a party. That is why you may see more than one Independent per office. With our mayor’s race, both candidates are running Independent,” Morgan said.

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