AMORY – At the Monroe County Board of Education meeting on April 14, board members gave first approval to a Monroe County School District Student-Athlete Code of Conduct. Final approval will be given at the May meeting.

Parents, as well as the student-athlete will have to sign the code, indicating their understanding and accepting its responsibilities and obligations, and agreeing to cooperate with school personnel in enforcing the code.

The school district believes in providing opportunities for their students to participate in extracurricular activities, which lead to learning values such as cooperation, sportsmanship, pride, respect and leadership.

"A wise coach once said he expected his players to never embarrass their families or their program, as he was speaking of how the behavior of athletes often leads to the overall perception that the general public has of the school as a whole. Through our district's athletic code, we hope to convey that athletic participation is a privilege, and along with that privilege comes certain responsibilities for proper behavior, both at and away from school," said Monroe County Superintendent of Education Scott Cantrell. "Much the same as our traditional student handbook relays consistent behavioral expectations, along with consistent consequences for undesirable behavior, this athletic code provides specific and consistent expectations and consequences pertaining to the behavior of our athletes. The purpose of our athletic program is to provide opportunities for all participants to learn lifelong values in a safe environment. Through the expectations and consequences outlined in this athletic code, we feel our students will be provided these opportunities."

In other business, the following were approved:

• The resignations of Denvil Clark and Verdie Clark as Hamilton bus drivers; Jamie Ray, as CTC counselor; and Brenda Adams as Hamilton SPED teacher.

• The recommendations of Adrian Smith as Hamilton title tutor; Brooklyn Cantrell and DeAnna Wright as district teacher substitutes; county-wide district school certified and non-certified personnel.

• The re-approve original school calendar for 2014-2015.

• The permission for Pastor Joseph Kennedy to use school district property across from Collins Lane at Hamilton for renovation into parking area, pending addition of school district as “additional insured.”

• One GELI Pre-K program classroom for 2015-2016 at each campus. A maximum of 20 students will be allowed in the classrooms.

The next scheduled board meeting will be at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 12, at the Monroe County Government Complex.

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