ABERDEEN – The board of supervisors was presented with a resolution Feb. 7 to consider adding more security to Monroe County gun owners’ constitutional rights.

“I come here today not representing any political party but as a concerned citizen of Monroe County. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is under attack and has been for some time,” said District 3 resident Laura Brewer, who presented the resolution. “There are those who seek to appeal or abolish or undermine this by any means possible.”

She said red flag laws, which are gun control laws permitting law enforcement, family members and others to petition a court to temporarily remove a person’s gun rights if they’re concerned about that person, have been passed in several other states.

“The Second Amendment was not drafted to protect hunting rights as some would have us believe. Our founding fathers had just liberated a nation from a tyrannical government, and they understood that history has a habit of repeating itself.

“We support and stand with our law enforcement community, our military and our veterans and we want them to know that we have their backs. We want to keep it that way. We do not want to see these unconstitutional laws enacted or enforced in our state,” Brewer said.

She said the resolution is a preventative measure to avoid having to react to an issue.

“For too long, myself and many other citizens have sat back and watched our rights slowly be taken away. For myself, my family, my friends and many other citizens of Monroe County, we say, ‘No more. Not here. Not now. Not ever,’” she said.

Brewer added several other Mississippi counties have been approved as Second Amendment Safe Havens.

Board attorney David Houston will review the resolution before any action is taken.

Following an executive session, supervisors approved for raises passed through statewide legislature last year for elected officials such as justice judge judges and supervisors. Supervisors must take action to adopt the legislation.

Last spring, the Mississippi Legislation passed Senate Bill 2827, which allows for three percent raises for most elected county officials.

Keep Monroe County Beautiful District 5 representative Nancy Payne asked board members to appoint at least one person from their districts to serve on the volunteer committee.

Health issues have prohibited some members from participating in the group that oversees beautification efforts throughout the county, especially at the community centers.

“The general public doesn’t realize what Keep Monroe County Beautiful does. There are a lot of buildings and a lot of big areas that look good because of y’all. That was our big concern that that continues,” said District 1 Supervisor Joseph Richardson.

Payne said Keep Monroe County Beautiful representatives don’t necessarily have to do physical work but moreso delegate work to work center inmates.

Supervisors approved for Sylvia Patterson to be District 1 representative, Payne to continue as District 5 representative and Jolly and Jewel Faulkner to be District 2 representatives. District 3 and 4 representatives are yet to be determined.

Supervisors approved for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office to use an office at the Monroe County Government Complex for certain interviews and for deputies working the north end of the county to write reports.

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