Vincent Hayes and Cole Mason of Stand Firm Ministry are among its members with goals of providing transformation housing to those exiting jail and rehabilitation as a way to changes their lives. Since being founded, Stand Firm has provided jail ministry, street ministry and monthly food distributions. 

ABERDEEN – Vincent Hayes, who was called to start Stand Firm Ministry last year, spent 16 years in prison as the result of a 26-and-a-half-year drug addiction. As he has learned from his mistakes and now lives a productive life, he hopes to reach others transitioning back from time spent in jail and treatment centers by way of transformation housing, which will teach biblical lessons and life skills.

“I get calls every day...‘Can you find me a bed? I need a bed.’ Everything’s full, and it hurts my heart to turn somebody down and say, ‘I don’t have anything. I don’t know where anything’s at.’ That’s a hurtful situation.

“When I got out of prison, God gave me a vision that by the transformation homes that those people coming out of drug rehab or coming out of jail – some have stayed in for five, 10, 15 years – they need to start learning about life skills again,” he said.

When Hayes was released from prison, he eventually started hanging out with the same people he did during his drug addiction but after going to rehabilitation, he started associating with different groups of people and attending meetings aimed at recovery.

“I thought to myself my life was doomed but when God put His hands on me and told me to go to Broken Lives Ministry, and when I did that and surrendered everything to God, that’s when my life changed,” Hayes said. “I want my transformation home to be biblical based on spirituality.”

Through an effort through Stand Firm Ministry, he is still in the process of finding a home for the program.

“I’m praying that if God can open some doors that I can go through and make this happen. I’m just a nobody trying to tell somebody that there is a way to stand firm on God’s word,” he said. “I want to tell people how to trust each other in this ministry.”

His vision for the program is for it to be a six-month to one-year program.

“The clients will have to go through different levels to get privileges. There will be biblical classes. People will come in and teach them the word and life skills,” Hayes said.

He added food and job placement opportunities will be included in the program, and residents will pay rent to offset expenses. There will also be assigned tasks such as cooking, cleaning and laundry duties.

The program also teaches people how to conduct interviews and fill out job applications.

Whenever the program goes into effect, residents must not have a history of violence or any sex crimes on their records in order to be eligible to participate.

Stand Firm Ministry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and anyone interested in donating to the cause may contact Hayes at 813-3408 or David Lee at 436-6542. Donations can also be made via CashApp through the Stand Firm Rescue Mission at $51Stand Firm.

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