ABERDEEN – The owner of Gas and Go in Lackey addressed the board of supervisors Oct. 11 regarding the countywide kratom ban put in place in May, saying it has adversely affected his business. He said stores in nearby Aberdeen are allowed to sell it and he thought the ban was aimed just at his store.

After board president Billy Kirkpatrick said the decision was made to protect young people, especially, the store owner added when he was allowed to sell kratom before the ban, only customers 21 and older could purchase it.

He said mostly people 40 and older bought kratom for pain management.

“I hate you’ve been caught in this situation. We have authority to regulate things outside of the municipalities in Monroe County. The cities regulate this inside the city limits,” Kirkpatrick said.

Board members stayed firm with the ban.

Later in the meeting, board attorney David Houston clarified the ban pertained to all businesses selling kratom out in the county.

“While he may feel like we were discriminating against him, we were not. He just happened to be the one in the county that was selling it and would like to sell kratom. This ordinance doesn’t impact just him, it impacts all the other stores out in the county,” he said.

Kirkpatrick said he would speak with city leaders about the latest positions with potential kratom bans.

“I think you’ve got a trend going on. With what’s going on with these e-cigarettes right now, I think somebody on the next level of government needs to be taking a closer look,” Kirkpatrick said.

County road manager Sonny Clay said the Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District’s executive board approved work related to the Sipsey Fork bridge, and the issue will go before its full board for a vote.

County engineer Kyle Strong was asked to approach contractors about the project and Houston was asked to draw up a proposal to send to them.

Supervisors approved amendments to a resolution pertaining to Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District expanding the scope of property for a different project in District 5.

“This was previously done by this board in September of 2017. The project was delayed because of beaver problems that had to be cleared up before it could move forward,” Houston said.

Title work is currently being done on the additional properties included with the expansion.

Supervisors briefly discussed an Aberdeen location for the upcoming Medicare drug consultation partnership with Three Rivers Planning and Development District, but no final decision was made. The Amory location will be at the Monroe County Government Complex.

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