A window display highlighting Amory High School’s marching band program is exhibited at the Baird Private Wealth Management office, formerly Hilliard Lyons, alongside Main Street. Its owner, Laurie Stevenson, partnered with the Amory Regional Museum for space for the seasonal displays.

AMORY – Memorabilia representing 60-plus years of Amory High School’s marching band is currently on display through a downtown storefront located at 206 N. Main St. It’s part of a collaboration between the Amory Regional Museum and Laurie Stevenson of Baird Private Wealth Management, which is formerly Hilliard Lyons.

“Laurie Stevenson offered the windows of her business for us to use as rotating exhibit space to showcase local history,” said Amory Regional Museum archivist Sarah Crump.

The marching band exhibit, which has photographs from the museum’s archives, instruments and pieces of uniforms, coincides with football season, and displays are seasonably themed. Its pieces range from the 1920s to the 1980s. A clarinet was provided by Tommy Parish. The instrument was used by his aunt, Jessie Threllfall.

Crump said Amory’s school colors started out as red and white but were changed to black and gold by a majority vote of the student body by 1920.

The current window display follows on the heels of other previous displays.

“Our first exhibit was about ladies’ hats and purses. We followed with theater and radio,” Crump said.

Museum staff members came up with an initial list of approximately 15 topics for the exhibits. Crump is responsible for the research and setup once Stevenson approves the theme, and exhibits rotate every two to three months. The next theme for the exhibit is yet to be selected by Stevenson.

The Main Street location gives the museum a satellite presence.

“I thought it would be neat to use part of our display windows for community promotion. I reached out to the museum because they are located away from the Amory Main Street business corridor, yet it supports the entire community,” Stevenson said. “We’ve had so many positive comments about it. Our office doesn’t have regular hours, but the window exhibit is the museum’s downtown presence 24 hours a day. People are coming to visit the museum because of the window exhibit.”

Amory Regional Museum Director Wayne Knox expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration.

“We’re excited to partner with her office to bring our exhibits to Main Street for people to enjoy that do not normally visit the museum,” director Wayne Knox said. “We’re grateful for the support of Baird Private Wealth Management and Laurie Stevenson in particular.”

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