I’d seen people wearing Sanuks a few years ago and always thought they looked pretty good. From hearing testimonials from their owners, they sounded as if you could walk for miles in those shoes in total comfort.

If they’re dad-approved for week-long trips to Disney, they must be winners for anybody who can’t comfortably stand for long times anymore.

Although actually owning a pair really never crossed my mind until I saw a nearly identical knock-off brand for a good price at the Shoe Department. I passed the first time around but kept thinking about them for a few weeks to follow.

After another trip just to see if they still had a pair, I saw them marked down to $11 and couldn’t resist.

What they said is true – they really are comfortable shoes. What they didn’t say, though, is they can give the impression of being gateway shoes to looking like an old man.

Looking at the Sanuk website or those Reed’s billboards with them plastered across, one may think, “This must be what surfers, skaters, hipsters or people who live at the beach wear.” Looking at my Maui Islands next to four pairs of boots, so many other thoughts run through my head.

Maybe it’s me, but those slip-on shoes seem more fitting if I was in the position to say, “Okay, kids, let’s hurry up and get ready. We’ve got 7 o’clock reservations at Live Bait.”

Styles change, and closet space once reserved for T-shirts with humorous phrases and commemorative spring break years in Panama City is getting really slim. The collared shirts keep creeping in tighter and tighter on the rack, and a couple of them are starting to look a little bit like dad shirts.

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when you bought that one shirt at a concert while in college and all of a sudden, you’re at an age when you could actually be a grandparent.

There’s a really thin line these days between who wears Carhartt hats better – Paw Paws or college boys, which helps bridge just how much 30-something years can make a difference.

It seems like not that long ago when I was thinking boxed up shirts from the ‘70s tucked away in a storage room at home were tacky. That was coming from someone with a hat with a huge Nike swoosh on the side and a box full of tacky shirts of his own.

Looking at what they sell at some of the stores now, there are plenty of things people in their 20s wear just as tacky in my mind – that coming from someone with a look that hasn’t drastically changed since college.

Again, there’s a really thin line these days between who wears the button up short-sleeve shirts with polka dots – Paw Paws or people in the 20s.

Every now and then, it’s time for a closet cleanout and if there are shirts I think may bring a little bit of cash, I always try selling them to Plato’s Closet. After some failed attempts in Tuscaloosa, I’ve tried my luck in Memphis. The last time I tried to sell a bag of collared dress shirts in Birmingham, I was kindly put in my place when the sales associate said, “These clothes are a little too mature for what we sell.”

I can look at myself in the mirror wearing a button up short-sleeve Columbia shirt, shorts and those Maui Islands and ask myself where the youthful times went. I can hear something like the clothes I’m trying to get rid of are too mature and really ponder where the time went.

I don’t find myself caught up in social circles with people the ages of my friends’ kids and I sure don’t find myself in many positions to spout off a few dad jokes. There’s a really thin line between the two of them though.

Weeks move a lot faster than they used to, and the clothes I wear on those weekdays don’t look as much like they once did for what seems like not long ago. What’s in your closet may start with a pair of dad pants for special events and spill over into seven pairs of them.

Be comfortable and happy in what you wear but keep in mind it’s not always going to look exactly the same.

RAY VAN DUSEN is the managing editor of the Monroe Journal. He can be reached at ray.vandusen@journalinc.com.

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