It’s that magical time of year again when we come together as a community and celebrate one another. That’s right, folks. It’s time for Best of Monroe Reader’s Choice.

For me personally, this is the fun one. It’s the project where I get to interact with you, the voters, and see lots of positivity from throughout the county.

This is the third year for our online voting ditty where you, the community, get to nominate and vote for those people, businesses and organizations in our community that go above and beyond.

Last year we had more than 35,000 votes cast! A lot of small businesses and people were recognized for their hard work, and it’s high time we did it again.

How does this work?

Starting Wednesday, June 19, you can go to once a day and vote for your favorite everything. There are five categories: Food, Medical, Retail, Services and Community. Within those categories are subcategories such as Best Spa, Best Chiropractor and Best Catfish.

When you go to the website, you’ll be asked to log in using your email and password. Don’t worry, we are not going to sell your identity to a Nigerian prince. This request simply makes sure that a person votes only once per day. From there, go through each category and subcategory and vote for your favorite.

Don’t see your favorite? Write ‘em in! This is strictly a reader’s choice contest. We don’t add any business ourselves – it’s all up to you. You won’t immediately see your write-in because it will have to be approved first. This step just keeps from having three different submissions for the same business. So when you nominate a place, just give me about a business day to get it up on the site.

The polls will be open until July 10, at which time we’ll close them and tally up the votes.

The winners will receive certificates, and both winners and runner-ups will be announced in a Thank You section of the paper once the votes are all in and counted.

Things to know:

1.) We will not give out any information as to who is leading the pack in any category. As a matter of fact, no one here at the office will even know besides me, and I’m not telling.

2.) Please take the time to vote in every category. A lot of these guys and gals don’t get recognized nearly enough. Let’s show everyone some love.

3.) Last but certainly not least, remember to just have fun!

All that being said, there is a good chance there will be snags along the way. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to call us at 256-5647 or just stop by our office, located at 115 S. Main St. in Amory, and let us know.

Happy voting!

Emily Paul is the general manager of the Monroe Journal. She can be reached at

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