To the Editor:

I am America.

Have you forgotten me? I am your country – American, the land of the brave and courageous men and women who fought and gave their lives so you could be free.

Why are you letting others try to tear me down and destroy me? They keep feeding you small doses of socialism where one day you’ll wake up and realize I’m gone. Please don’t allow this to happen. My democracy would then cease to exist and be only a memory. Does socialism really lead to communism? You bet it does. America as you know it now would then be no more.

How will my demise be brought about? It could be by these things:

1. Diluting religion

2. Depending on government to take care of all our needs

3. Controlling all aspects of education

4. Controlling our health care system

5. Erasing history

6. Increasing poverty

7. Lack of respect for authority/law and order

8. Controlling how we defend our property and our lives

What can you do to protect me, you ask?

Be proud you are an American. Be respectful. Be thankful. Be humble. Remember that how you treat me really shows that you love me and cherish me. Please don’t take me for granted. I need your nurturing and loyalty now. Don’t allow our freedoms to be forever lost. Don’t forget those rights were so hard-earned. Don’t forget those principles on which I was built. Guard your liberties with diligence.

I am America. I am democracy. I am your freedom home.

I urgently implore you to be a patriot and protect me. It is time for a reality check. Yes. It is now or never. Vote on Nov. 3.

Evelyn Thompson


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