To the Editor:

A quick follow-up to the previous letter, with one idea and a few quick questions on other topics.

1.) The idea: the $1,400 stimulus checks are coming out as I write this. This money will help folks in need with necessities such as bills and food. Now, a lot of folks who also get these checks are in better financial shape – business owners, those with good-paying jobs, retirees with good pensions and so on – who aren’t really in any desperate need of this money. Every single Republican in both houses of Congress, for example, voted against the checks. But the bill passed, and the checks went out anyway. Do they think Republican voters are all rich?

So, consider this. If you really honestly don’t need the money, put it to good use. Donate it to your church for God’s work, give it to the food pantry or humane society, give it to the Wounded Warriors Project or St. Jude or Shriner’s Hospitals or the Red Cross...the possibilities are endless. Look at it this way: God has put this money in your hands even if you don’t need it, so pass it on and use it for good. Why not help others when you’ve been handed a golden opportunity like this? It’s the right thing to do.

2.) On the British royal family fuss. We fought a war so we wouldn’t have to deal with royals at all. Why in God’s name does anyone care about the queen or Diana or Prince This or Prince That? They are the British people’s cross to bear, not ours. If the royals mean so much to some Americans, let them go move to Britain.

3.) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is accused of pressuring women with improper sexual comments and touching. Leaders in both parties say they believe the women and they think Cuomo should go. I agree. But, pray tell, how come all the women who have accused Donald Trump, over many years of sexual misconduct are dismissed as tramps, liars or money grabbers? Double standard, anyone? Evangelists tripped over each other to forgive Trump and excuse his moral misbehavior. Anyone care to make a bet on how many of these charitable, tolerant evangelists will forgive Cuomo? Is their God in Heaven or at Mar-A-Lago? If you act like Pharisees, then you are Pharisees.

4.) Conservative media is foaming at the mouth over not just Dr. Seuss books, but also Mr. Potato Head and Pepe Le Pew. I lost interest in all those things by the time I was in first grade and here we have supposedly grown, mature men with million dollar salaries, no less, on conservative news shows saying a few kids’ books, a toy and a cartoon skunk are signs that America is going to Hell if we don’t defend them? Someone here is in serious need of psychiatric help, and it ain’t me. If this is what passes for intelligent debate in conservative circles these days, then they are all screaming insane.

So watch out for crazy people, give them a wide berth if you run into them or they show up ranting on your TV or computer screens. Get your shots (I had mine, no ill effects at all. If it doesn’t kill an old man like me, it won’t kill you either). And put that stimulus money to work helping those in need. God bless you all.

Richard Wilkinson


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