To the Editor:

I think we may be making some progress. Mr. Wilkinson’s most recent letter has a much different tone than the previous one to which I referred. He state he “wholeheartedly agrees” with my statements about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bible. I wholeheartedly agree with his statement that most Americans are “honest, decent and hard-working people.”

I have no problem with his criticism of militias. Several years ago, I did some study into militias. They are not a monolithic group but seem to share most of the same views. Most are anti-Sematic, anti-Catholic and racist. Some, possibly all, operate on the basis of erroneous theological views too involved to discuss here. In my opinion, none of those views are in harmony with what it means to be a Christian or an American.

My problem, which I thought did not need any lengthy explanation, was that using the far left and the militias to represent the nature of the primary division in the country was totally inaccurate. It is hardly accurate to call a stew of one elephant and one rabbit an elephant/rabbit stew. Militias should not be ignored but they are the rabbit and the far left is the elephant.

The modern Democrat party is not your grandfathers’ party. It is in the process of being taken over the by far left. The cities that are being destroyed by rioters and looters are run by Democrat officials, some of whom excuse that conduct by calling such lawless gangs “peaceful protesters.” Others give passive approval of such conduct by refusing to arrest and prosecute these law breakers.

The “honest, decent, hard-working American” who believe in the right to life, traditional marriage, only two genders, the freedoms guaranteed by the First and Second Amendments, law and order, secure borders, limited government and a strong national defense are the only roadblock to the far left’s goal of taking over America. There are other such Americans who are simply not aware of the real issues.

Discussion of socialism is a subject for another time, but Social Security and Medicare do not present an accurate picture of socialism. Both programs have helped a lot of people, but both are going broke. They have survived this long because of a strong free market economy. They probably will survive if we maintain a free economy. If you want to see socialism at work, look at Cuba, Venezuela, China or North Korea. It would take some time for this country to get there, but we would eventually make it.

Bob Secrist


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