To the Editor:

I have a question that I hope you or your reporters at the Journal can answer: Was joe Biden ever in Mississippi last year? I realize this is a very odd question, so let me explain.

I read Bro. Jim Rutledge’s column May 27 about three boys rescuing Joe Biden from drowning last year while he was campaigning in Mississippi. It was a funny story, and I enjoyed it.

I just never heard the story before and I don’t recall it being on the Columbus or Tupelo programs and surely someone would have reported a human interest story like that and interviewed the kids, right? Now, I ignore the internet as much as possible because most of what’s on there is useless junk, so it’s conceivable that I missed this somehow. If that’s the case, I hope your reporters can fill me in. (by the way, Biden buried a son who was in the military. I think he knows what a military funeral really means).

What puzzles me is why Biden would come to Mississippi at all. The trip would be a waste of valuable time and money in a tight campaign, and Biden and his people would have known months ahead of time that he would be beaten like a drum in Mississippi. So why come here at all?

Hey, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong – it happens. I just don’t remember him ever being here and wouldn’t that drowning story be trumpeted to the heavens on every news channel, right and left? What reporter worth his salary would sit on a juicy story like that? If you don’t like Joe Biden, there are plenty of legitimate bones to pick with him without inventing stuff.

I repeat, it was a funny story, but did it happen? I don’t keep up with Facebook or Instagram, TikTok or Twitter or cock-a-doodle-doo. I’d rather read. I’m an out of date old man, so maybe I missed it. If I did, let me know. (The only reason I have email is to keep up with relatives).

Thank you for your time.

Richard Wilkinson


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