To the Editor:

Short and sweet, a few quick comments.

1.) It is Veterans Day as I write this note. Thank you, all of you, for your service to our country.

2.) I have been a student of American history all of my life. Mr. Secrist is clearly astonished that I agreed with what he said about the Declaration, Constitution and Bible. All he did was restate facts that are totally obvious to anyone who reads those works. So what was in there to disagree with? You wanted an argument, and I didn’t take the bait. So sorry.

3.) As for the parties, instead of mourning that your “grandfathers’ party” has changed, why not honor our founding fathers’ original intent and get rid of both of them? Both parties are shattered glass. Sweep them in the trash and be done with them.

4.) I am not a label or a stereotype if I choose to disagree with the nonsense that drools out of the mouth of deeply flawed Republicans. That is my right as an American citizen, just as it is Mr Secrist’s right to oppose Democrats. Refusing to swallow the GOP party line – hook, line and sinker – does not automatically make me a socialist, a liberal or anti-American. It makes me a deeply skeptical citizen who refuses to be told what I am supposed to think and believe by people I do not respect or believe in.

5.) In 2016 America embarked on a four-year-long bend. It’s time to get back on the wagon now. I am honestly surprised by the election outcome. No matter how many tantrums the squalling toddler wetting his diapers in the White House throws, he’s out of there. If he refuses to leave on Jan. 20, drag him out in handcuffs and lock him up. Good riddance. A tractor trailer load of indictments and subpoenas are waiting on him.

6.) In conclusion, the pages of the Monroe Journal are not an internet chat room. I think, Mr. Secrist, that the two of us have consumed enough of the public’s time for a while. Let’s step aside and let other people have their say on matters that concern them. Shall we? A little solitude is good for the soul.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Merry Christmas to one and all.

See you sometime next year,

Richard Wilkinson


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