To the Editor:

I want to thank everyone that turned out for the gala at the Magnolias. It was seven 12 to 14 hour days putting up my over the top kinda Christmas, but I would do it again tomorrow and plans are to have it again next year.

Decorating a house with so much history is lots of fun. Big Antebellum homes like this are made for parties and decorating. Our town came together that Saturday night. Everyone came to celebrate our town, the season and most importantly the reason for the season.

We were relaxed with harp music, entertained by Flora Outlaw’s darling triplets and we rocked the house with Aberdeen High School’s music group. We had a successful fundraiser, fellowship with friends, beautiful decorations and plenty of Christmas spirit. It was my joy and honor to deck the halls, and I truly hope I rose to the occasion. Merry Christmas Aberdeen! To first and foremost Dwight for dreaming up the gala, as always you dream big, and it was a big success. To Gail Dalrymple, Jerri Stacy, Diane Rehling-Smith, Randy Emerson, Turk, Duke, Frank Jones, James Harris, my new adopted brother, the hardest, Ginny Pounders, all the folks and businesses who donated food, Ray Van Dusen, John Allmond, Ann Tackett, Cindy and Ruth at the getting place, William Neal, the City of Aberdeen, Ed Mattox, John Owens, Toni Kay Owens, mom, Mary Payne Hairald, Arni Anderson, Pam Monaghan, Kimmel Bakery, The Friendship House, Cottage Tea Room, Penny Lane’s, Stevens Auction and crew, Vincent Miles for the one tree, Donnie Thompson and crew, Tina Taylor Robbins, Monroe Journal, Emily Paul, Doug Fowlkes, Lynn Harris and anyone I left out my heart will never stop speaking volumes.

I have decked Aberdeen more this year than all the times I lived in Amory. We are a family and Saturday night we came together from all walks of life. Aberdeen is not dying, it’s heartbeat is strong. It’s people working together and its future bright. Again my thanks for allowing the God given talents I have deck the halls in such a historic place.

Neil Palmer


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