About three Saturdays ago, Mario and I were going to Savannah, Tenn., to look at a new Doberman puppy. I had told the man who had the puppies we would be there around 11:30 a.m.

As we are prone to do, we left early anticipating stopping along the way at yard sales, flea markets, etc. We ate breakfast at a fast food restaurant in Hamilton, Ala., and met someone I had gone to school with at Smithville; they were on their way to Hohenwald, Tenn. to a fall festival. I wished we could have gone, but knew we needed to see the puppy.

As we meandered up Highway 43, we began to stop at various yard sales. Now, we really do not need anything else at our house. In fact, we need to have a living estate sale now so our kids will not have to have one when we have passed on. But nevertheless, we can’t resist a good bargain so we proceeded to hunt for that “big deal” we think we can really use.

In Hackleburg, Ala., we found a sale or rather a man who does auctions and he was beginning to put out some items apparently left over from Friday night’s auction. We are voracious readers, but I don’t like to buy new books. I either get them at yard sales or at thrift stores. Well, I hit the mother load at that stop. We ended up getting a banana box of books and a few other miscellaneous items for $10. That just whet my appetite for more bargains and yard sales.

As we were approaching Russellville, Ala., we saw a large number of vehicles pulled over, so we decided to do the same. Again, we got books and I saw a wicker plant stand with the bottom almost out, but no price. I asked a lady and she said $2. Well, that plant stand was mine! Mario thought I had lost my mind, but I told him a piece of wood or a metal tray in it, and it was good as new, after we had cleaned it. He still wasn’t convinced until we were in Memphis the next Saturday and went to a flea market, and there was the same type of wicker flower stand painted a hideous bright blue with a metal tray in the bottom for $65. He now can’t wait to get it repaired!

We went on and stopped at a few places that we just couldn’t seem to pass up, and before we knew it, we were going to be late for our puppy appointment. I called the man and he said that was no problem. He was going to be home all afternoon.

As I was driving the last few miles to see the puppy, I thought about how we were going to drive our kids crazy after we die. I can just hear them talk about how mom and dad had so much junk and what were they going to do with it.

That is one way to get back at them for the times they drove us crazy when they were growing up.

Then, I thought we were having a good time spending their inheritance, if they were going to have one in the first place.

We have worked hard all our lives and if they want something, they can just work as we have. They can have the land, but we are going to enjoy our outings and forays.

We came back from Savannah down Highway 64 through Selmer, but only stopped for one yard sale. We were getting a little weary and had the back of our vehicle full. There wasn’t much room for anything else.

Oh yes, we will be having a new addition to our family around Nov. 9 when we go and pick up our new puppy. Mario has already named him Dierk and has plans to get him started riding in the front seat of his pickup.

<b>Alice Ortiz</b> is a staff writer for the Monroe Journal. She can be reached at alice.ortiz@journalinc.com.

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